Endless Time -- Frances Burke
Fourth Dimension


Sweet Imposter -- Frances Burke

Sweet Imposter

When Robert Luttrell returns from India to meet his orphaned half-sister, Alys, he finds her school on fire and many of the pupils perished. He rescues Alexandra (Alix) Rowan, a young teacher, mistaking her for Alys because one of his letters is found in Alix’s pocket.

Alix is injured and has lost her memory, but she does feel drawn to this stranger who claims to be her brother. In pain, and feeling disconnected and afraid, she agrees to accompany him to ‘Cousin’ Sir George Kenthurst’s home to recover. George’s wife has plans for the heiress and soon Alix is caught up in a tangle of false relationships, the worst of which is the discovery that she is in love with her ‘brother’.

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