Endless Time -- Frances Burke
Fourth Dimension



picture1I write in my home study in a leafy area of Sydney, but love to travel to exotic settings for my novels. I’ve explored the Forbidden City of Peking, walked on the highest peaks and glaciers of Alaska, and ridden a camel in the desert footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia. I love an English country manor house as much as an ancient French castle, or the echoing corridors of Australia’s first hospital built by criminals and financed by rum. The ghosts are everywhere.

The past is endlessly fascinating, and I bring it alive, peopling it with men and women who are hardy and adventurous, and willing to travel beyond the boundaries of polite society.

picture2 I learned my craft writing short stories and serialized novels for various Australasian women’s magazines. The Fellowship of Australian Writers gave me good experience and background knowledge of the writing world. I represented my country in the Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation’s short story competition, and was runner up in the Romance Writers of Australia’s Romantic Book of the Year contest.

Endless Time, my first paranormal, was a prize-winner with Random House, and since then I’ve published five more romantic historicals, each with a different background and time frame. I’ve followed different paths with the regency novella and a contemporary crime novel which somehow managed to involve itself in history. I’ve struggled with characters who deliberately wandered from their place in the storyline, and had to dismiss some who simply would not fit in. My library shelves groan with the weight of research material, rarely dusted, I admit. Life is too busy, too packed with things to know, places to go, characters to create, stories to weave.

I write about adventure, the unexplained, murder, war and love. I write because I must.