Endless Time -- Frances Burke
Fourth Dimension



Step away from the present and into other times when men were bold, and some exceptional women had the courage and determination to push back the boundaries of their restricted lives.

From the powder keg of war in the Arabian Desert to exploding walls surrounding Peking’s Forbidden City; from the headsman’s block in the Tower of London to the blood-coated guillotine in Paris, they emerged triumphant. Meet the women who dared to defy society, break the rules and encounter danger, adventure and love.

Meet Peregrine, whose clairvoyant gifts bring her great peril, as well as the joy of a loving reunion.

The Regency beauty, Caro, braving wolves – both two-legged and four – to save the man she adores.

Lea Stafford, intrepid overseas correspondent, ready to give her life for her love when the hordes attack.

Nicola, fighting for justice, not knowing whether to trust her love when her life is at stake.

These heroines and many others are to be found in my books. Just turn the page and see what captures your imagination and awakens the urge to ‘find out what happens next.